Saturday, 14 April 2012

Maths Individual reflection

The performance task that we did taught me the importance of statistics,in real life,statistics helps us to calculate and analyze the stock market exchange accurately and reliability.The task that we did in real life would help us to control flow of the queue of taking a taxi,if example there is a shortage in taxi in a particular area,the task we did could help the taxi company to assign more taxi to that particular area.

Overall in real life statistics is all around us,in weather forecasts,stock market,accounts and etc.Statistics is important to jobs like accountant as to learn if the company is losing money or earning,they would have to use statistic to analyze their earning power and increase product advertisement if needed.

To sum it up, to me statistics is important as Statistics tell us how often something happens. In large amounts of data, it is sometimes too time consumng to count every answer, so a portion of the data is used to represent the whole. This portion, called a subset is analyzed and calculations may be done to determine what the likely outcome of the whole dataset will be. An example is how fast election results can be 'projected' on television. It actually takes days to count all the votes in a national election, but statistics allows us to reach an answer quickly

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Digital Collage

The app i like the most is Facebook as not only it is a place that allow me to chat with my friend it also serves as a place for me to relax.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Creating this blog

It was my first times creating a blog,so this experience was fun and interesting! I  think that blogging could be use in learning by sharing info with our friends and posting problems that we need help with.I hope that i would quickly get use to blogging and that i would use blogger more often.

Reaction of getting posted to SST

                                                                                                                                                                     When I got the letter that confirmed my placing in SST i was shock and happy, i  did not expect that my DSA application was succesful.Some of my classmates too also got into SST so i am glad that i would meet them again.At first, i wanted to get into a school with IP programme,but was unsucessful. Then i found out about SST ,i was quite interested about the applied subjects and since i like science and was in the robotics club in my primary school i went for the DSA for SST.I am glad that i chose SST and hope that it would be an interesting  and exciting school to be in.